It’s nearly that time of year…

The final cover!

Yes, it’s nearly Christmas. Parties to go to, sloe gin to be sipped (or a nice glass of port), ghost stories to read to one another…

It’s also nearly time for my first short story to be published!

Much to the Hubster’s irritation, I’ve been bounding excitedly around the corridors of Atherstone Hall (well, up and down the upstairs landing, anyway) because Something New is up on the Deep Desires website at last!



One lonely housewife… One fun-loving trans woman… One wild and lust-filled encounter!

At first glance, Wendy has it all: a wealthy, handsome husband, a beautiful home and time on her hands. But despite it all, she’s bored, lonely, unfulfilled. Something’s missing from her life, but what?

Wendy doesn’t even know what it is she’s looking for, until she meets Lana.  Sexy and glamorous, Lana’s unlike any other woman Wendy’s ever known – especially when Wendy discovers a substantial surprise in her pants.

Soon, the two of them head back to Lana’s flat for a hot and wild afternoon of passion. And for Wendy, this will only be the beginning…of something new.

Something New will be released on January 10th 2017, following hot – and I do mean HOT – on the heels of Give To You by Sonni de Soto. Coming up behind it are Shady Grace’s Pulse and Gemma Stone’s Pitch Perfect.

I hope you read Something New and enjoy it. And if you do, you’ll be glad to hear it’s the first of a series, Trans Girl Romance! Wendy and Lana will be returning with the second tale in the series, Something More – that’ll be out in February, along with a lesbian erotica piece called Inside Mrs Jones….

But that is – quite literally – another story.


Carla xx



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