Inside Mrs Jones




My second erotic tale, Inside Mrs Jones, is published tomorrow by Deep Desires Press!

Like Something New, it’s the first in a series, in this case one called Jessie’s Awakening. Jessie is a young woman, just about go away to college; the stories are going to span the last summer before she leaves home for the first time, a summer where she begins to discover and explore her sexuality in earnest – aided by the beautiful divorcee Mrs Jones and others.

A shy teen receives an education she won’t get at college from her employer and her lesbian lover!

Shy Jessie is spending her last summer before she goes off to college working for wealthy divorcee Mrs Jones. Glamorous and sexy, Mrs Jones is great to work for, but has one rule: Jessie’s expected to come and clean at fixed times.

When Jessie turns up late one afternoon to find her employer in bed with the gorgeous Layla, she understands why. Jessie’s shocked, but also fascinated—something the lovers soon notice when they catch her.

Before she knows it, she’s climbing into bed with Mrs Jones and Layla. Jessie might not be in college yet, but she’s going to be learning a lot of new things this summer…

You can pre-order Inside Mrs Jones here:

I’ll be posting a juicy little excerpt from Inside Mrs Jones soon. But first, I’ll be treating you to a tasty sample from another author… so be sure to tune in tomorrow!

Carla xx



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