Something More!

something-more-mark-iiBack again! Life’s been getting in the way of late so I haven’t blogged anywhere near as much as I’ve meant to.

Life got so much in the way, in fact, that I actually forgot…


*does backflip*

*hurts back*

*goes to hospital*

Something More is the second story in my Trans Girl Romance series for Deep Desires Press, following on from my first story Something New.

And as you can see, it once more features amazing cover art by Ave.

A housewife searching for new experiences gets more than she bargained for when she joins two horny trans girls in the bedroom!

Housewife Wendy can’t get her wild afternoon of passion with beautiful trans woman Lana out of her head.

Desperate to see Lana again, Wendy calls round at her flat, only to find Lana otherwise engaged with another trans girl – her “friends with benefits” Sophia.

But Wendy’s disappointment soon changes to excitement when she’s invited to join Lana and Sophia in the bedroom. And as she soon learns, two’s company – but three’s fantastic!

Something More is a 7,100-word short story and picks up directly after the events of Something New.



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