Trans Girl Romance #1: Something New

something-new-final-darkenedOne lonely housewife… One fun-loving trans woman… One wild and lust-filled encounter!

At first glance, Wendy has it all: a wealthy, handsome husband, a beautiful home and time on her hands. But despite it all, she’s bored, lonely, unfulfilled. Something’s missing from her life, but what?

Wendy doesn’t even know what it is she’s looking for, until she meets Lana.  Sexy and glamorous, Lana’s unlike any other woman Wendy’s ever known – especially when Wendy discovers a substantial surprise in her pants.

Soon, the two of them head back to Lana’s flat for a hot and wild afternoon of passion. And for Wendy, this will only be the beginning…of something new.

Something New is a 5,600-word short story, published by Deep Desires Press.

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Lana’s hips swayed as she walked; she had full hips and a gorgeously round arse. She was wearing a green thong; the top of it was just visible above the waistband of her jeans.
She stepped into the lift and beckoned Wendy in after her. As soon as the doors closed they were kissing, but it seemed only a moment  later  that  the  lift  pinged  and  they  had  to  compose themselves as the doors slid open again.
Wendy  followed  Lana  down  the  corridor  to  the  door  of  her flat, glad there was no one else around. Her face was burning and the gusset of her panties felt moist. Lana smiled back at her as she unlocked the door of the flat and stepped inside.
The door shut behind Wendy. The flat was neat and pleasant; a kitchen and a breakfast bar, a living room with a thick white pile carpet  and  a  patio  balcony  giving  a  great  view  of  the  city.  She wondered what the bedroom was like.
“Wine?” said Lana as she went into the kitchen.
“White or red?”
“White, please.”
Wendy  ran  to  the  toilet  and  peed.  When  she  cleaned  herself with the tissues, she was astonished to find how wet she was. She touched herself and shivered with delight; it would hardly take any effort to bring herself off. But she didn’t; she was here to let Lana do that. She pulled up her trousers and flushed instead.
In the living room Lana offered her a glass of wine. “To us.”
“To us,” said Wendy, and their glasses clinked. She took a sip of  wine,  then  put  the  glass  down  and  kissed  Lana  again.  Lana cupped  and  stroked  Wendy’s  breasts  through  the  blouse;  Wendy pushed  up  the  halter-top  to  expose  her  partner’s  pert  breasts — Lana  wasn’t  wearing  a  bra.  Her  nipples  were  a  light  brown,  and quickly came erect as Wendy took first one, and then the other, in her mouth. Her skin was very smooth and soft, and tasted lightly of salt.
Lana  pushed  Wendy’s  suit  jacket  off  over  her  shoulders  and began  to  unbutton  her  blouse.  But  Wendy  was  already  sliding down  to  her  knees,  kissing  Lana’s  flat  belly,  her  tongue  toying with her navel and the little diamanté piercing there. She fumbled with  the  belt  on  Lana’s  jeans,  then  the  button  and  zipper,  then pulled them down.
Lana slipped her tanned, slender feet out of her sandals, then stepped out of the jeans as they fell around her ankles. Every inch of her was smooth and tanned, unblemished, perfectly toned. She was naked now except for the green thong. Wendy reached up to stroke her belly and thighs, then hooked her thumbs into the thong and drew it down.
Lana’s  cock,  now  limp,  looked  nothing  like  the  thick truncheon Wendy had felt before. It was tiny, in fact, almost toylike; a small pink thing curled shyly between Lana’s thighs, along with a pair of small, pink testicles. All were clean-shaven. Wendy reached  out  to  cup  Lana’s  cock  and  balls,  gently  stroking  the flaccid dick with her fingertips, kissing it gently, then running her tongue  up  and  down  its  length.  Lana  gave  a  little  gasp.  Wendy lifted her cock; she kissed, then licked Lana’s balls, before taking them in her mouth to suck them.
Lana  ran  her  fingers  through  Wendy’s  hair.  Wendy  smiled, letting Lana’s testicles slip from her mouth before kissing her penis again. It was starting to thicken; Wendy ran her tongue around the tip several times, then took it in her mouth. Lana groaned and her hips began to move. Shucking off first her blouse and then her bra, Wendy began to suck her in earnest.
Lana’s cock was swelling in her mouth; it’s a grower, Wendy thought. Lana gripped her hair tighter. Wendy looked up. Lana was flushed,  panting  for  breath,  those  green  eyes  drinking  in  every detail  as  Wendy  unfastened  her  trousers,  pulling  them  and  her sodden panties down, kicking off her shoes as she struggled free.
Now  completely  naked,  she  took  Lana  back  into  her  mouth. She looked up to see Lana’s head was thrown back. In the mirrored ceiling  she  could  see  her  partner’s  face:  her  eyes  were  screwed shut and she was biting her lip. Wendy smiled; it felt good to see Lana’s self-possession slip, to see lust taking her over as well.
Wendy took Lana’s cock from her mouth to study it. It bore no resemblance to the little pink thing she’d first seen; now it was the hard shaft that had pressed up against her in the alley once more. Bigger  and  thicker,  if  anything,  and  harder  still.  It  jutted  up proudly, veins standing out along its length; its round purple head bobbed in front of her face, still glistening from her mouth.
Lana  looked  down  at  her,  breathing  heavily,  face  flushed. Wendy  smiled  up  at  her and  ran  her  tongue  over  the  swollen cockhead, then began to kiss and lick and gently nibble at the head and shaft. Lana groaned, and Wendy smiled up at her again before pushing her head forward to take the full length of her cock in her mouth,  then  into  her  throat.  Lana  gasped  and  gripped  her  hair. Wendy sucked at her hard, squeezing her lover’s rounded hips and fondling her buttocks.
Lana’s  grip  on  her  head  tightened.  “Stop,”  she  breathed. Wendy looked up, and Lana withdrew from her mouth; a strand of pre-cum  hung  between  Wendy’s  lips  and  Lana’s  cock.  Lana reached  down  to  cup  Wendy’s  breasts,  stroking  and  fondling  the soft  warm  flesh,  rolling  the  nipples  between  thumbs  and forefingers.  She  leant  down  and  kissed  Wendy  again,  her  warm tongue  probing  deep  into  Wendy’s  mouth.  Then  she  whispered “Come on,” slipped her hand into Wendy’s, then led her out of the plush living room and through another door.
The  flat’s  bedroom  was  much  bigger  than  Wendy  had expected, decorated in soft pink and sporting a king-size bed with white satin sheets. She turned to face Lana, who pushed her back onto the bed and leant over her. She kissed Wendy again, then slid down,  kissing  and  licking,  sucking  the  soft  flesh  of  Wendy’s breasts  into  her  mouth,  biting  and  nibbling  gently  at  it  with  her white teeth. Then her mouth slid over Wendy’s stomach to the wet, trimmed  bush  between  her  legs.  Wendy  lay  there,  panting;  every inch of her skin tingled with anticipation.

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