Trans Girl Romance #2: Something More

something-more-mark-iiA housewife searching for new experiences gets more than she bargained for when she joins two horny trans girls in the bedroom!

Housewife Wendy can’t get her wild afternoon of passion with beautiful trans woman Lana out of her head.

Desperate to see Lana again, Wendy calls round at her flat, only to find Lana otherwise engaged with another trans girl – her “friends with benefits” Sophia.

But Wendy’s disappointment soon changes to excitement when she’s invited to join Lana and Sophia in the bedroom. And as she soon learns, two’s company – but three’s fantastic!

Something More is a 7,100-word short story and picks up directly after the events of Something New.

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Those green cat’s eyes were gazing right into Wendy’s; there was  no  way  she  could  say  no.  She  followed,  as  Lana  padded barefoot  back  to  the  flat  door,  her  eyes  drawn  to  the  sway  of Lana’s neat, firm rear under the kimono. The lights in the corridor shone through the diaphanous material, showing every curve of the body underneath.
Lana  shut  the  flat  door  behind  Wendy,  then  motioned  her through  into  the  living  room.  “Sophia?”  she  called.  “We’ve  got company.”
“Oh!” The woman on the sofa was naked, except for a pair of black  heeled  shoes,  and  had  a  high-cheekboned,  rather Scandinavian  face  with  a  strong  jawline.  Her  hair  was  a  darker blonde  than  Lana’s  and  cut  shorter, just  below  the  ears;  she  was long-legged  and  small-breasted,  much  like  Lana,  and  lean  with  a flat, sculpted tummy. Also like Lana, she had a cock, shaven and half-erect, which Wendy glimpsed in the moment before she rolled onto her front. Unlike Lana, though, her hips flared out below the waist, giving her a spectacularly full, round bottom. It waved from side  to  side  as  Sophia  shifted  on  the  sofa.  Wendy  stared, captivated.
“Sorry,” said Sophia. “We weren’t expecting company.” She had  a  slight  accent; Spanish  or  Portuguese,  Wendy  thought. Sophia looked over at Lana. “Is this—”
“Yes,” said Lana. “It’s her.”
“So  you’re  Wendy.”  Sophia  looked  her  over  and  smiled;  it looked genuine, not mocking or arch. “It’s nice to meet you.”
“You  too,”  said  Wendy,  still  trying  to  decide  if  it  was,  or should be.
“I’ve heard a lot about you.”
“Oh?” Wendy looked at Lana.
“Oh God, yes,” Sophia said. “Never shuts up about you.”
“Sophia?”  said  Lana.  “Would  you  mind  waiting  in  the bedroom?”
Sophia  laughed.  “Sorry.  Of  course.”  She  stood,  and  Wendy saw that her cock was glistening wetly. Lana was sucking it when I knocked, she thought.
Wendy  managed  to  tear  her  gaze  from  Sophia’s  broad, swaying buttocks as she sashayed from the living room, and turned back to Lana.
“I didn’t think you’d come back,” Lana said, putting her hands on  her  hips.  The  glow  from  a  desk-lamp  shone  through  her kimono; her nipples were little dark shadows against the cloth.
“Why would you think that?” Wendy could see Lana’s narrow waist in silhouette. Her erection had subsided: her dick and small, firm balls now hung limp between Lana’s parted thighs.
Lana shrugged. “People usually don’t. And most of the ones who do are chasers.”
“That’s not me,” said Wendy.
“Lana,  I  haven’t  been  able  to  stop  thinking  about  that afternoon.”
Lana smiled. “Me neither. That’s why I asked Sophia round.”
“Eh?” Wendy frowned.
“I know a few other women like me — Sophia, Diane, Bella. We’re all in the same boat when it comes to lovers. So sometimes we get together and… make one another feel a bit less lonely.”
“Friends with benefits?” said Wendy.
“Yeah.” Lana bit her lip. “Look, I’m really glad you’re here. I wanted to see you again so much — but it’s kind of awkward with Sophia here. She’s had a crappy break-up. Tonight’s as much for her sake as mine.”
“No, I understand.”
“I can’t just call things off and ask her go. It wouldn’t be fair to her.”
“I get that.”
“Can  we  swap  numbers  this  time?  Then  we  can  arrange  to meet again.”
“Yes,  of  course,”  said  Wendy.  But  she  didn’t  want  to.  It wasn’t the swapping numbers she minded, but having to wait to be with  Lana  again — to  kiss  those  lips,  to  squeeze  and  suck  those breasts,  to  feel  that  cock  inside  her.  The  thin,  clinging  kimono showed everything, yet kept it tantalisingly, just out of reach.
And  then  a  thought  came  to  her,  so  simple, shocking  and wicked, her breath caught. Was she really willing to do that? But then she thought, why not? Hadn’t the wonderful thing about that afternoon with Lana been that Wendy had said yes and kept saying it, to every new sexual possibility? And wasn’t Sophia gorgeous as well?  Didn’t  the  sight  of  her turn  Wendy  on  too? Wasn’t  she already  wondering  about  how  those  small  breasts  and  that  cock would feel and taste? Be honest with yourself, Wendy — of course you bloody are.
Really it came down to one question: how badly did she want to  be  with  Lana  again?  What  was  she  willing  to  do  for  that  to happen today, here and now?
And the answer to that, she realised, was anything. Anything at all.
“Or,” she said, “I could join the two of you.”
Lana blinked. “Really?”
Wendy took a deep breath, then nodded. “If that’s okay with you both.”
Lana  stared  at  her  for  a  moment,  then  grinned.  “Full  of surprises, aren’t you?” she said. “Okay — just wait here. Need to ask Sophia.” She winked. “I’d be surprised if she said no, though.”
Lana padded on through into the bedroom. Wendy stood there, her legs trembling. Had she really just said that? She was scared, suddenly. But she was aroused too; how could she not be, at the thought of both these beautiful transwomen kissing and caressing her, using her however they wanted? Already she felt unbelievably hot and wet.
“Wendy?” Lana called. “We’re ready when you are.”
“Coming,” she said, then grinned. Hopefully, she soon would be.
After  a  moment’s  thought,  she  peeled  the  dress  off  over  her head;  she  wore  nothing  underneath.  When she  kicked  off  her shoes,  she  was  wearing  only  her  stockings;  after  a  moment,  she peeled them off too. She wanted to be completely naked for them both, with nothing between their skin and hers.
Wendy couldn’t wait any longer, so she went from the living room, crossed the hallway and tapped on the bedroom door. “Come in!”
She opened the door and stepped inside. “Hello, girls.”
Sophia  and  Lana  laughed;  they  were  lying  naked  on  Lana’s king  size  bed  and  rubbing  their  cocks,  both  of  which  grew  fully erect as Wendy watched. “Wow,” said Sophia, looking Wendy up and down. “Very nice.”
Wendy  laughed,  the  tension  ebbing — now  she  felt  only  a giddy  excitement.  “You  aren’t  so  bad  yourself,”  she  said.  She looked at Lana. “Either of you.”
Lana chuckled, her hand still gliding up and down her shaft. “You joining us then, or what?”
Wendy  climbed  up  on  the  bed  and  crawled  towards  them.